GCSE Art & Design


Studying GCSE Art & Design develops vital transferable skills including self-confidence, time-management and independent learning. Art & Design study at this level encourages students to explore a wide range of techniques in order to respond to a theme. Students will have the opportunity to visit an Art Gallery and to take part in a workshop with an Artist in school to enrich their portfolio work. 

Students will study under the AQA assessment board. The overall grade achieved is made up from two components:
 1) Portfolio of work - 60% of grade This is the work completed in lessons and at home for homework throughout Year 10 and the start of Year 11
 2) Externally set task - 40% of grade This is the exam task set by AQA in the Spring term of Year 11 involving preparation work and a 10 hour practical exam. Students work will be marked regularly and they will be provided with both verbal and written feedback to help them improve.

Homework will be set throughout each project which may involve research tasks, printing artist images or completing a practical task from lesson. It is very important that students consistently meet deadlines throughout the course as this is the best way to ensure they can receive feedback and actively work on it to progress.

We run an Art Club on Mondays and Wednesdays 3.10-4.00pm where students will receive additional help with their work. They can use this time to complete homework or to add to their classwork. We expect all GCSE students to attend at least one of these sessions each week to ensure that all work is up-to-date and completed.

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