Drawing @ KS3

Please find below the descriptors used to identify progress in the drawing aspect of Art at KS3.

Drawing has some accuracy in size or tone but it needs to be neater and clearer with more accurate shape
Drawing has some good shape, tone or shadows, but they need to be clearer and neater with no bold outlines
Drawing has good proportion and quite accurate shape. There are at least three tones but shadows or shape might need to be more carefully observed or the edges could be neater
Drawing shows accurate proportion and accurate shape and the outlines are not too boldDetail has been included and there are 3 clear tones.
Drawing is very accurate in proportion and shape, includes good detail with more than 3 clear tones and accurate shadows
Drawing shows more than 3 tones and they are smoothly applied. Proportion and shape are accurate with no bold outlinesShadows are carefully looked at and are an accurate shape.
Drawing is very accurate, shows more than 5 tones, with accurate shadows. The drawing is presented very well on the page and outlines are sensitive. Tone is smoothly applied.
Drawing is sensitive and accurate with more than 5 tonesaccurate shadowspresented well and I am able to explain how different techniques helped me to achieve the drawing
4- to 5+
Drawing is sensitive, accurate and highly detailed showing textures, tones and shadows. I am able to explain how I might develop my drawing using other materials with confidence.

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