On 13th Feb 2018, 27 pupils attended the annual art trip. This year we went to TNAGW where students took part in an artist workshop, took photographs and researched artwork, and responded by sketching their own interpretations.
 A huge thankyou to all pupils who attended, your behaviour was fantastic- well done.

Responding to the conceptual work of Mark Nelson.
Conceptual art focuses on the idea behind it, rather than a perfect outcome.
In this piece, Nelson is trying to allow the viewer to imagine the kind of person who would live in this type of camp.
He has collected all of the objects in this piece from around the world, arranged them together and formed a new meaning from them.

Drawing from observation

The artist, Rob, gave pupils the task of finding an image to draw- in pen! This meant no rubbing out.
Later we developed our drawings into linoprints.

Lino printing
Lino printing is a traditional technique where you draw your design onto a lino plate. 
Using special cutting tools, you then remove areas of the plate to create a relief
When the ink is rollered onto the plate and pressed onto paper, it creates the print. You can use the same printing plate to produce hundreds of prints in lots of colours!

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